Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fashion Industry Folks Meet Up Tonight!

I'm pretty excited about an event that's taking place tonight in Calgary.....

The Fashion Industry Mixer is a networking event helping to create community amongst industry professionals (or like minded individuals)

There's gonna be boutique/business owners, stylists, models, designers, model/talent agencies, designers, photographers, publicists and the media.

Let me tell you that there's been quite the buzz about tonight. I mean facebook is blazin with interest!

So, I'm gonna make sure that I make an appearance. I will be a little late (as per usual lol), but I will mos definitely be there....

If you are in Calgary and are into the "fashion scene" or want to get into the scene then attending this event is a MUST.

Here are the details:

What: Fashion Industry Mixer
When: Tonight! (Wednesday Feb. 9, 2011)
Where: Gerry Thomas Gallery - 100-602 11 Avenue Sw
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm (I'll be there around 8:00pm)

Before I head out, I wanna post this mix that I found today. It totally reminds me of fashion

Just click HERE

Monday, February 7, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

Tonight I'm revealing the winner to the latest contest on The Creative Mixx!

Congratulations is in order for Christine!

You are now the lucky winner of this lovely scarf from The Vintage Scarf!

I want to give a big shoutout to The Vintage Scarf for sponsoring the latest giveaway on The Creative Mixx!!!

Click HERE to visit their site for more authentic vintage scarves:)

I'm posting this track from Drake called "The Winner", cause it is so fitting.....


P.S. Christine, you will be contacted by The Vintage Scarf who will send you your prize:)

Thanks for entering everyone! And trust me, there will be another giveaway on The Creative Mixx real soon...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Lovin The Response!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope y'all have had an amazing weekend:)

I'm keeping this post short & sweet.......

Just wanted to say that I am so pleased with the response to the latest contest on The Creative Mixx!

If you haven't had a chance to enter - Click HERE


Friday, February 4, 2011

It's A Blogger Spotlight Tonight!

Happy Friday y'all!

I am so done with this week lol and can't be happier that the weekend is here:)

I'm bringing back a feature that I've ran a few times before on The Creative Mixx. Since most of my readers happen to be bloggers themselves, I thought it would be a cool idea to feature a blogger every now and then to get the scoop on why they started blogging, where they came up with their name,how they've promoted themselves and so on....

I had posted on a IFB forum ages ago that I was looking to interview bloggers (which I still am by the way, so email me if you are interested!) and I got an email from a lovely blogger a couple of weeks ago:)

So tonight, I'd like to introduce you to the blogger behind Style Fiesta

Why did you decide to become a blogger and how did you come up with the name of your blog?
I was interning with a fashion house when I first came across fashion blogs- and I was absolutely swept by the idea. Expressing your style, inspirations and opinions, posting outfits - it was just something I had to do.

How long has your blog been up and running?
Two and a half months.

Is blogging your full-time gig? If not, what do you do on the 9 to 5?
Im a student, currently graduating in business along with fine arts. I don’t treat blogging as work, or a source of income, Its what I love doing.

What steps have you taken to promote your blog?
Features/commenting on other blogs/being active on IFB, style pile etc. and most importantly, trying to give my readers a good reason to come back.

Do you have a blogger business card?

How would you describe your personal style?
Individualistic. I dress according to my mood. Somewhere between vintage and high street : )

What was your most recent fashion purchase?
A baby pink satchel.

Do you have future plans for your blog? Where would you like to see it go?
Since I've just started and got such an amazing response already, I definitely see my blog growing into a more established and recognized one. A blog that's known for its unique style.

What's one of your favourite posts?
‘Fashion meets food.’ Two of my favorite things in this world :)

What advice do you have for other bloggers starting out?
Believe in yourself. And most importantly- BE yourself.

To visit Style Fiesta, please click HERE

To visit Style Fiesta on blog lovin, just click HERE

Before I go, I'd like to remind you of the giveaway that's happening on The Creative Mixx.

You have the chance to win this lovely scarf from The Vintage Scarf!

Click HERE to enter!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Used To Work With Him!

Hi Everyone,

Before I post a casual feature tonight, I'd like to give you more amazing news about the giveaway I have running. If you didn't get a chance to read the post, just click HERE

Well....The Vintage Scarf has been kind enough to offer a 10% discount to anyone who would like to make a purchase during the contest period (that means the code would end on Feb. 7th)

Here's the code!!! Necole10

Tonight I'd like to post the works of a very talented illustrator from Calgary, AB on The Creative Mixx. His name is Terry Irwin of Terry Irwin Art Prints and I used to work with him.

He's been doing rather well getting his name out there and his prints are a wonderful reflection of the things that he sees, dreams about, laughs about, finds strange, finds beautiful and makes him hungry.

I have yet to own a Terry Irwin Art Print, but need to get on that asap!

Click HERE to visit Terry's Shop

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yay! I'm Giving Something Away Tongiht!!!

As promised, I am posting a giveaway on The Creative Mixx tonight! And believe me, this has been long overdue!

Thanks to having a profile on the Fashion Industry Netwok, I met The Vintage Scarf!

Founded by Paula Horlick, “The Vintage Scarf”, offers eco-chic timeless scarves in several classic colors, materials, and styles. The original scarves have lasted many fashion seasons and can be easily reused and re-styled for today’s trendy eco-chic fashionista.

Headquartered in Bella Vista, Arkansas, Horlick founded The Vintage Scarf in 2008 and continues to be inspired by others who encourage her to continue reaching for her passion, goals, and dreams. Horlick’s favorite quote is: “Never, never, never give up!” which motivates her to work harder at fulfilling her aspirations.

As you know, I've got a thang for Vintage. So I was eager to partner up for a giveaway, but I found this information so refreshing that I had to connect with The Vintage Scarf:

Horlick sends personal “Thank You” notes to every customer after each purchase. Because each scarf is “The Real Deal”, Horlick offers a 30-day, 100% authenticity guarantee on all scarf accessories, scarves, and shawls.

How cool is that!

AND, since I consider myself (for the most part) a Diva on a Dime, I love the fact that these lovely scarves are so affordable; ranging in price from $12.99 to $24.99 USD.

Let me show you some of the loveliness that can be found at The Vintage Scarf

To order online visit:

Paula Horlick can be reached at the following:

Direct - 479-876-6429

Toll Free - 888-364-9749




facebook fan page

Now, this is what's up for grabs!!!!!


And here are the contest rules (they haven't changed)

The contest will run today with the winner being announced on the evening of Monday Feb. 7

Ways to win:
1. All followers (both existing and new ones during the contest period) get one entry.
2. If you leave a comment telling me what your fave Vintage Scarf item is?, gets you one entry, (that means 2 entries for followers who comment).
3. If you have a blog and promote the contest to your readers, tweet or facebook it, will get them an entry (that means 3 entries (or more) for followers who comment and promote in other ways)

Note: If someone would like to enter and does not have a blogger account, you will get one entry by sending me a comment via email to: thecreativemixx [!at]

And if you post a comment as "Anonymous"... that's cool. You'll get one entry as well, but you'll have to send me an email with their contact info.

When the winner is announced, you will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If you do not respond, I will select another winner.

After the winner is selected, I'll connect you with The Vintage Scarf!!!!!

1luv and good luck!
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