Friday, July 31, 2009

Grab Your Rag, Make Sure You Have Your Water & Some Flat Shoes! It's Caribana Tomorrow in Toronto!!!

I know I should be posting about this event tomorrow, cause the official parade day for Caribana is Sat. Aug. 1st. But, I've got a special post I'm planning for tomorrow. A dear friend (from way, way back - like a sister kinda friend - has a new business and I just have to talk about it. I will give you a hint.....If you love animals, have a pet or know someone who does then you'll love this item!)

So, I'll talk about an event that's going on in Toronto. As I mentioned it's Caribana. For all y'all who don't know what Caribana is? I'll give you a crash course (short & sweet lol). Caribana is a festival celebrating Caribbean culture. The event has been called North America's largest street festival, drawing in more than a million visitors (both local and from overseas each year). I remember going as a child and couldn't get enough of the costumes, floats, music, food, people, etc. One of these years I'm gonna play mas (for real I'm gonna be part of the parade!) This will be me

Now, I've mentioned earlier this week that I love Facebook. I love it for many reasons (I mean I love connecting with old friends), but I love it cause it's a great way to get the inside scoop on events going down. The bad side to that, is I've been getting a whole heap of invites to Caribana parties and I aint gonna be able to make it cause I'm far away. So it sucks:)

I figured, I'll boost my spirits cause regardless it's the week-end and I'll post some music to get me into that Calypso & Soca vibe. Can I get a yeah, yeah!

Now this track is an oldie...but you're gonna hear this each and every year come Caribana time....

What Happens in the Party (Stays in the Party) - Sean B

Now here is tune that I heard today on flow935FM. I love it!!!!!

Pump Me Up (soca) - Krosfyah

For all of those who are going to "Get on Bad" have fun....see you next year I hope!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Just Bought A Gem!!!

So a few days ago, I talked about Sarah's lovely hair feather accessories (the "Well I'm Back" post 7/25/09). Guess what!!! Today I made a fabulous & fierce purchase, (the best $22.00 I've paid in a long time lol). I now own a feather headband y'all and I can't wait to post a pic with me wearing it!!! I think I look so cute. (Note - Michael St. James from, sent me an email today about Sarah's accessories. He loves her tricked out accessories - for real! But for some reason, he wasn't able to post a comment on my blog. Blah...thanks Blogger:( Basically, I adjusted my "comment" security options, so I think everythings all good. (you can post those comments now with ease)

Anyhoo, I just want y'all to mark your calendars. Cause, WED AUG 5 between 1:30 and 2pm EST, Xtiin Jones (pronounced Kristen Jones - the soulful songstress from Toronto)
will be interviewed with host Hugh Reilly on the Liquid Lunch show @

Not only will you hear her radio debut of her first single REACH OUT, but you'll learn more about the inspiration behind her music. And brace yourself peeps.....she'll be performing an acoustice rendition of one of the tracks off of her upcoming EP too!!! Y'all know how much I love me my acoustic r&b. So I can't wait! (I will make sure that I'm tuned in that day....hope you will too)

(Note - If you miss this program, keep checking out my blog, cause I hope to post an interview with her asap!!! - this is well overdue)

If you followed my old blog, you may have seen this video that I'm gonna post already. But I love this tune, so I gotta share again....hope y'all don't mind a repeat:)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Beads.....

Thanks to the wonderful world of facebook, I just got a tip yesterday on facebook from Lan (the creative mastermind behind "Something Else" - see the pics below).

(Note - I've got the halter top by the way- isn't it the cutest thing?)

The tip was about Un-Jin. A sweet gal from Calgary who has an Etsy shop called Happy Bead.
So I had to check it out. And I've gotta say she has some adorable pieces. Here are my faves:

Now there are about 19 items available for sale at

The site seems to be updated frequently with new additions. So check it out often......


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Hope This Is My Lucky Day.....


Now I wasn't standing under a tree this morning, but my car was parked on the street under a tree...and guess what? I hop in with keys in hand, start it up, am just about ready to drive off for the day and my windshield's gotta a huge pound of bird poop on it:(
Blah...had to clean it off (of course)....... So I'm wondering? Is luck coming my way?????

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still In The Mood For Acoustic......

Hey peeps, the day's coming to an end and I found a video of some guys from Korea playing acoustic. It's one of my random finds, so I had to share........

They go by the name "Crybabies"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well I'm Back

Remember that Community sale I was so excited about this morning? Well I didn't get there as early as I expected. My goal to get there around 10 turned into around noon. And when I got there, ummm.......the selection wasn't what I was thinking it would be. Lets just say that my friend Alyshia lives with a lot seniors lol. I saw a whack load of VHS videos (I know I like to be old skool from time to time, but I got rid of my VCR a while back), a whole heap of puzzles, baby gear and I think I saw a couple of dowlies. Basically in a nut shell, the things that I saw wouldn't work with my decor, no matter how creative I think I am. I did see a brass headboard that I would have picked if I didn't have a bed frame already. But if I really needed a headboard, I sure wasn't prepared to walk away with it today. I mean, I don't even think that it would fit in my truck! So.....other than that, there was nothing at this sale for me.

Alyshia did well with sales and sold a couple of things. Since I had arrived so late, she had already packed things up. But when I came in for a visit, she showed me something that her mom and her sister Sarah had made. When I saw this I was in love!!!!!!!!! Now I can't wait until they start selling these accessories for real!

Have a look......

I tried this one on, (should have had Alyshia take a pic) but it looks adorable! I have to get me one asap!!!!!

Searching For Some Fierceness - Shopping Style

Yesterday I posted some fabulous finds done "a la" the net and today I'll be hunting for some new treasures at a garage sale! What could be more fun than heading a neighbourhood sale!!! Just got a text as I'm posting this with the exact address so stay tuned for some photos!

Before I go though, I have to post this song by Drake. Last night, I heard it on another blog I'm following ( and I had to share it for y'all. It's the perfect Saturday tune for sure. And mother nature is giving my city a break today. She's no longer mad at us (the last little while was pure rain), cause the morning sun is rising and the heat is definitely on!!!

So enjoy this vibe and enjoy the day peeps.......

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scouring the Net for Something Fresh Cause It's Friday!!

I was on a mission today to find some creative peeps to speak on and I've found so many that my head's spinning lol. But I decided to narrow things down and focus on two talents that I'm sure'll be in the forefront in no time.

First up is a local gal, straight from the city I'm living in! Meet Leah Bohnet. She's young (in her mid-twenties), lives in Calgary and developed her passion for fashion back in high school. I've scoured her designs on her website and I've gotta say, I love everything! Her designs embrace comfort while making you look like you're the most stylish girl on the planet! I'm a little older than Leah, but what I found refreshing, is that I could seriously wear her any of her designs with confidence (and not feel like I'm trying to look too young lol)

This top is gorgeous! I need to get my hands on one:)

If you're lovin what you see then check out her website or send her an email:

Next up is my music find. Here's a Big-Up to Point Blank representing Toronto to the fullest!

The group is composed of 6 emcees (all born & bread in Toronto's Regent Park - a social housing project). Imperial, Trouble, Stump, Kidd, RPD, Jackal and Pikihed expose their listeners to the experiences they've had growing up in what most of us like to call it "the ghetto".

Their tracks have given me insight and caused me to reflect on topics such as racial profiling, single parent households, poverty, community programs, crime, drug addiction and crooked politicians. The lyrical skillz from all members are amazing and after checking out their myspace page, ( I'm not the only one who's blown away. They've even blazed the stage with hip-hop pioneers like Rakim , KRS-1 , Outkast and Mobb Deep.

I'm gonna cop the album for sure....can't wait to hear what's next.

life - Point Blank

Born And Raised In The Ghetto (Original Explicit) - Point Blank
So I'm out! Enjoy your Friday......

(Note - Can't wait till tommorrow, cause bright and early, I'll be heading to a community garage sale. I love garage sales, used to go all the time, but I haven't been to one this summer:( So I am soooooo excited. My friend Alyshia and her sis have a lot to sell (including bags & books - my faves), so I'll be sure to take loads of pics~


Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Day Two and I'm on Page 101!

So yesterday I told y'all that I was reading "He's Not That Into You". All I gots to say is that I'm so enlightened!

With about 64 pages to go, I'll be finishing this bad boy tonight!

So to keep up with this theme, I figured I'd post two versions of Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love" from back in the day. I remember when this song was out - I was all over it.

I could have posted to the original, but I thought it would be more fun to post covers of the songs done in acapella.

And version 2.....

More than anything, music affects my mood. After listening to this oldie but goodie, memories rise to the surface and it's all good:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I would say that for the most part I can make decisions (after weighing the pros & cons of a situation of course), but then there are times that I am faced with something and I just can't seem to decide on what to do. It can be for something simple or something complex.......

Today I was faced with an extremely simple dilemma.

A few girlfriends of mine have decided to form a book club. I'm sooooo excited! I find nothing more comforting than relaxing with a good book in hand . The concept is pretty standard; we'll meet at least once a month to discuss a book (or books) that we've read collectively.

It took a while for us to arrange when our first meeting would be, (due to our busy schedules), but I think we've narrowed it down to sometime real soon....(I do have the date somewhere in an email, so I'll definitely be there - just didn't record it in my notebook yet, so the exact date is a blur right now)

Anyhoo, last friday (I think), I borrowed the book "The Birth House" to read from G. It's been highly recommended (and two of us in the book club have now already read it). I meant to start reading it over the week-end, but didn't:(

Today, G just finished reading "He's Not That Into You" and gave me that to read. So my dilemma guessed it, which one should I start reading......

It took me all day to decide. For crying out loud, something as simple as which one, took much contemplating.

But then it dawned on doubt, it's gotta be "He's Not That Into You"

I mean whatever I've been doing so far hasn't been workin for me lol........

So I started the book about an hour ago and guess what, I'm like half-way through. If I don't finish it tonight, then tommorrow I'm done.

Basically, this book is an eye opener for sure. And it just made me realize how silly the excuses that women make for the actions of men, when the reality is - if they're acting a certain way 9 times out of 10 it means that "he's just not that into you"

YEP, I said it....I know it sucks, but in all honesty it's true

So, to my single ladies out there, if you haven't read this book already? Then drive, run, walk up hill barefeet to the nearest bookstore/library to grab a copy!!!

So night y'all I've got to get back to reading....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun.....

So it was no work for me today. I spent it partly being lazy and the other part was spent running around doing some errands.....

But my evening was pure bliss....

I just got home from spending a fabulous evening with friends and family. Even though my intent was to take some pics to include with my post......I didn't. I had so much fun that I forgot to take my camera outta my bag.....bah. Oh well, at least I can let y'all know that we enjoyed a yummy dinner, and wonderful conversation. I laughed till I cried, drank white wine (which was crappy - I can say this cause I brought it....I was tryin to be cute and tried something new - won't do that again - Chardonnay is the way to go for me) and am now pleasantly full:) You can't go wrong with barbecue chipolte pork loins, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fruit, ice cream pizza (yeah that's right ice cream pizza). Yup, I'm full in a good way.

I am in such a good mood that I must post a song that I heard today earlier today. It's a hot new joint from my fave "The Roots" (can I getta woot, woot and a what, what!!!) titled "How I Got Over". They performed this on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Album's dropping Septemper 29th and I can't wait to grab a copy

2009 Rock The Bells


I'm out peeps:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Singing's Not For Everyone.....

I'm gonna post a video that I had the "pleasure" (I'm being sarcastic here)of viewing last night. A friend of mine on facebook posted it and I've seen it posted on some other blogs today.

Wondering what all the I was gonna speak about it yesterday, but decided to save it for today.

July 18th marked the Mandela B-Day Concert live in New York City. The video I'm about to show you is a duet between Lil Kim & Cindy Lauper?????? Before I even watched the video, I couldn't understand why these two were matched up. Now I loved me my Cindy Lauper back in the day and I was excited to see that they were gonna sing "Time after Time" (MY FAVOURITE~), but I wasn't so sure about Lil' Kim's singing skills. I mean her most recent attempt at singing that I've heard was on her track "Download". Here's a quick sample in case you haven't heard it yet...

Download - Lil Kim

Now, I hope you took a quick listen. Cause, you'll notice that you can't really tell if she's got an ounce of talent in the singing department here, cause it's all mixed in with that computer love sound. It's not that easy to hide your lack of skillz however, when you're live in the flesh.

So my Ms. Kim, why oh why would you do this to yourself girl. I mean rapping is definitely your thang. That's what you do and you can handle your business in that department, but singing??? I wouldn't go that route sweetie......

Cindy Lauper on the other hand showed some skillz. She got her little rap on and you know she did her thang for sure......I mean she surprised me!

It's 11:15 right now and I'm trying to make it to bed before midnight, but I've got to post my fave song of the day.....

This is officially my joint peeps, I've listened to this all today, couldn't get enough of it. (and I'm loving the video too)

Hope you like:)

As I was waiting for this video to post, I decided to sit on my balcony for a bit (cause the temperature tonight is alright) and my cat (and let me stress that she is an indoor cat- cut but puny - I swear she eats like crazy) decides to take a trip on the wild side and jump of the balcony, of course I had to run out and chase her ass..... She didn't go far or anything, but wouldn't come in the front door. Instead she wanted to come in through my window. So I run downstairs to open that and she aint there! I run back outside to find her right underneath my balcony. I'm thinkin, I'm not in the mood to be chasing my cat all around so I keep calling her (sweetly of course) and in a blink of an eye she jumps up onto my balcony and runs inside.

Cats gotta love em.......

Night peeps.......

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