About Me

I started The Creative Mixx  back in 2009 primarily as a means to showcase creative people from Calgary, AB.

Originally from Toronto, ON - I quickly learned that Calgary houses a mecca of talent. So...I felt the need to share this with the world.
Over the years,  I've broadened my scope to feature creative people from across Canada, US and have even added a few international features to the Mixx.
You'll find me at fashion shows, sales, boutique & gallery openings, concerts, art shows, art markets, poetry slams, open mics,  the theater, dance performances and more...

Who am I? Well, I'm a music fanatic, love fashion finds (on the cheap), a tattoo enthusiast, avid reader, silver jewellery junkie, secretly want to be a socialite and have "diva-like" tendencies.
Slowly but surely, I've updated the look of The Creative Mixx and hope you're enjoying the ride! 

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