Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've Always Got Hip Hop On My Mind.....

I was searching the net for some images that represent hip hop in my eyes to use in a future post when I stumbled on this site!

Adapt is a clothing company that recognizes and represents the ideas of positive change and personal advancement AND they love music:)

Their clothing is nothing but mad cool!

Here's a T that I want to get.....

Click HERE to Shop like its Hot! (the prices are so reasonable)

Oh and since I've got hip hop on my mind (as per usual), if you're in the Calgary area on January 8th, you will have to ChEck ThIs OuT!!!!

It's the grand opening of Calgary's first ever Hip Hop Dance Studio!!! Pulse Studios is the collective vision of Tara Wilson, Gill Co, Peter Strickland, and Vince Truong.

Here's the line up for the day:

11:00 am Ribbon Cutting + Welcoming


12:00 pm Parent & Child workshop (30 min)

1:00 pm Break + Power Moves workshop (30 min)

2:00 pm House workshop (30 min)

3:00 pm Popping workshop (30 min)

4:00 pm Locking workshop (30 min)


5:30 pm 2 Hour Breakin workshop with Kid David & Luigi*

8:15 pm Food & Drinks Mingle

9:30 pm Exhibition Dance Battles

Visit for more info or to register for a class!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Look....

Seasons Greetings y'all! I hope your holiday has been amazing so far:) Mine was pretty good! It was so good that I am now the official owner of the iPhone4!

Y'all know I've been wanting one for the longest time. Well I am so happy to have one of my very own, cause I'll be back to blogging on the regular. I know I've said this before but I'm so serious. In fact, this post was created entirely via iPhone! Technology truly can be amazing!

You also must have noticed The Creative Mixx's new look. I hope you like it:) I love the fact that this space looks a lot cleaner. There's a couple of tweaks that I'll be making over the next couple of days. Not all of my links are working, so I'll be fixing that up:)

Now I've got to give another shout out to a cool blog called Textstyles. I mentioned this blog a few posts ago. I was spreading the news about a wicked contest she had going on "12 days of Christmas",(which ended being the 12 gifts of Christmas). Well, I entered the first day for the chance to win a lovely calendar by Kid Icarius calendar and I WON!!! Can't wait to get this in the mail:)

This fabulous calendar features the work of 12 artists within the GTA (That's Toronto folks!)

•Lisa Vanin
•Samantha Chiusolo
•Kellen Hatanaka
•Vicki Nerino
•Britt Wilson
•Steve Manale
•Steve Wilson
Roben Nieuwland
•Keith Jones
•Aaron Leighton
•Jim Mezei
•Ryan Snook

Now with the new year just around the corner, I'm hoping to get me one of these:)

Only 225.00USD at Macy's!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have You Heard???

I just heard about the ever-so-talented (and young) Esperenza Spalding!!!! Her sound is so soothing & chill - love, love, love her!!!



Monday, December 13, 2010

Check This Out!

It's December 13th and I am practically finished my Christmas shopping!!! This is so unlike me, as I usually get everything done minutes before the big day. Instead, I had an amazing shopping day with my fab friend "G".

Shopping during the holidays always gets me into the "goiiving" mood and wanted to offer a giveaway on The Creative Mixx. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to offer one:(

The good news is that I've located two really cool contests (run by some pretty wicked bloggers) and I'd like to share them with you.

Today I entered Throw It In Your Bag's Christmas Giveaway. I gasped when I saw what was up for grabs and quickly entered in every way possible.

Click HERE to get all the contest details to win THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over at, today began the "12 days of Christmas giveaway" where everyday, (including weekends) 1 item will be given away.

You have a chance of winning a "hot pick" by Toronto and Canadian designers/brands.

Their first giveaway is a hand Printed limited edition 2011 calendar from Kid Icarus.


Monday, December 6, 2010

This Got Me Excited!

Happy Monday y'all! Hope you had a fabulous week-end! I had a pretty relaxing one, but not entirely uneventful. I wasn't couped up in the house for the entire week-end. I actually met up with my friend Vanessa for some Vintage Shopping at Fashion Central! We were there specifically to see the Vintage Pop-Up Shop. For those who have been following me for a while, know by now that I adore vintage. So I was super excited to go! I took some cool photos and will do an official recap tomorrow! (I've got other things to post too, like a photo of the most beautiful leather bound notebook given to me by my friend Vanessa and a photo of the vintage telephone table that I bought today).

But tonight, an ever-so talented Stylist (who happens to be a friend of mine) exposed her new website for her facebook fam, so I had to share! It's such a beautiful site showcasing her talented "styling" that I fellt you would appreciate her talent too. You've seen the works of Lindsay Sutton on The Creative Mixx before. She was one of the creative masterminds behind Fox Sparrow Boutique.

So, I am proud to introduce you to

Here's some of the loveliness that you can expect to see!

Contact Lindsay for more info at LINDSAY.SUTTON@ME.COM


Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Dope Track from Chiddy Bang....

I was just sourcing out material for tomorrow's post and I discovered another track from Chiddy Bang - just had to share:)

Happy Friday!


I'm Lovin This Track.....

This joint has been on constant repeat on my Ipod today.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Official Launch of DADA Belts....

I just heard about the launch of DADA Belts today from a very close and dear friend. When I got the Facebook invite to "like" them, I figured "why not?" I like belts (although I don't own very many), but I do think its important to own a really good one.

After viewing their cool video (which shows you how a DADA belt is made and what it looks like), I am hooked.

Dada Belts from Brett Ferster on Vimeo.

I love the fact that they make custom belts (with a modern feel) for men and women, but use old school methods. Everything is hand-cut or sewn on a 101 year old sewing machine. Wowsers! Who does that in this day an age?

Well, if you want to learn more about them or want to order a custom made DADA belt of your very own then visit their website:

Ordering your very own DADA belt has 5 simple steps:

1. Choose your leather
2. Choose your stitching colour
3. Choose your hardware
4. Choose your end strap shape
5. Enter your belt measurements

You can send all additional inquiries to:

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