Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Starting The Day Out Right....

Big shoutout to CinnZeo Bakeries for dropping off the yummiest treats to the office this morning...

There's nothing wrong with the starting the day with a little sweetness and bacon:)

And the morning just keeps getting better! I've been rockin to the wickedest R&B/House Mix courtesy of DJ D Styles

Click the link and Enjoy!


Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Summer and I'm inspired again.....

I've taken a "leave of absence" from writing a few times this year and I really do apologize.... This is partly because I've lost inspiration on countless of occasions, became really busy with the clothing swap that I organized in June and misplaced my camera charger.

As I enjoyed the sunshine over this past long weekend, I began to question whether or not I should continue blogging....

To help decide, I went back to the beginning and read some of my earlier entries. I was so passionate then. I could feel the energy that I had when reading posts of my fabulous finds, interviews with creative peeps or recaps of events....

When I purchased my first digital SLR camera, I was the happiest girl on earth. I took it everywhere! But when I moved a couple of months ago, I misplaced it and haven't picked my camera up in over 8 months. It's ridiculous really, camera charges can be repurchased almost everywhere.

In a nutshell, I miss my creative spirit. I miss writing and I miss interacting with Creative Mixx readers and other bloggers.

So as way to commemorate the rebirth of The Creative Mixx, I have a few fabulous finds that I want to share:

Eos shoes

Eos shoes (see more high heel shoes) 290.00 CAD

Laced Trimmed Silk Dress - (350.00 US - Popavina

Bird nest Ring

I (Thou) Ring

Seek & Peek, Telescope Spy Glass Pendant Necklace

Glad to be back!
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