Monday, September 27, 2010

Alberta Fashion Week Is Back!

Sunday night marked the opening night for Alberta Fashion Week and this time around, the week long event will take place at Eau Claire Market . As you know, I've been to AFW in the past where The Banke was the primary venue, so I was eager to see if I liked the change of space.
Nope, there wasn't a magnificent chandelier (like there had been in the past) nor was there any liquor, but I'll tell you what I did like:

* The check-in area was more spacious than it had been in the past
* They had a "Blogger Bar!!" - love that! (basically the blogger bar was a small section - equipped with an electrical outlet - where bloggers could cover the shows while having a pretty great view)
* This venue was a lot brighter than than previous
* Loved that the venue was centrally located and parking was cheap (if not free)

At the end of the day, I think the event worked.

Now, it's been a while since I've been to a fashion show, so I was pretty excited to see the three shows scheduled that night - Ruby Ellen Designs, Crabapple Clothing Company & Lily Fashions.

Before I show you some of the amazing fashions of that night, I've got to comment on a pair of shoes that I saw someone wearing. I personally didn't take a photo, but I've been in touch with the woman that was fierce enough to wear them. Kim of Mommy Wear Daily you rock!

(you can get these "bad girls" @ Pumped in Fashion Central)

Now, here's a quick recap of the shows.

Ruby Ellen Designs

Inspired by colour and texture, this line takes wedding attire to a playful place by mixing the two.

Next was Crabapple Boutique which showcased a "classic" take on the casual & dressy look.

And lastly the Lily's Fashion Creations ended the night with an 80's (think "Dynasty") inspired collection.

I'm really looking forward to Wednesday night's show. A designer that's been interviewed on The Creative Mixx and who's participated in the "Take Off Your Clothes" clothing swap will be showcasing her line that night!


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