Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's A Blogger Spotlight!

Hello peeps,

Well, it's been ages since I've had a blogger spotlight on The Creative Mixx and I'm happy that it's finally making a comeback tonight. I love meeting bloggers and finding out how and why they decided to enter the world of blogging:)

I'm pretty embarrassed to say that I've had this interview prepared and waiting for what seemed like years ago. In all honesty, I was contacted back in February by Vikram who was interested in appearing on my blog! Good grief, life has mos definitely been busy for me. So, I do apologize for my tardiness and am proud to present the main blogger behind Sartorial Diary:)

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Well,since most of the posts are related to fashion in some way or the other,I thought it to be a fitting name! Also I love any and everything clothes-related,so.

What city are you blogging from?
New Delhi,India.

How long has your blog "Sartorial Diary" been up and running?
Well I started it in june of 2010,so i'd say about 8 months.

Is blogging your full-time gig? If not, what do you do on the 9 to 5?
Haha,how I wish it was!But no, I am also studying fashion design,i'm in my second year now.

What steps have you taken to promote your blog?
Uhm for starters,I update it as often as i can.I comment on posts by other bloggers.I recently joined IFB,Chictopia,Lookbook,Hypeed and Stylepile,and am trying to spread the word through them!

Have you connected with other bloggers?
Uhh yes,actually I started my blog after getting to know about this Indian,life-style blog-Lovestruckcow(the blogger for which I have actually met at various social dos).Apart from the people who are following my blog,I also get to connect with other bloggers on websites such as IFB,Chictopia,Lookbook,Hypeed,Bloglovin and Stylepile.

Do you have a vision for where you'd like to see your blog go within the next year?
WOW.I don't really know,maybe to just keep writing witty posts and supplementing them with fab pictures! Also a few years down the line I hope to become India's answer to Tavi Gevinson or Bryan Boy,but that's getting ahead of myself.In the meantime though, I'm happy doing what I love.....writing and expressing my views on pop culture(actually becoming India's answer to Perez Hilton wouldn't be so bad either :P )

What advice do you have for other bloggers?
Today we have a lot of pretty young things who think posting pictures of themselves in cutesy outfits,qualifies them to be messiahs of fashion.Whereas in reality they have zero perspective.Without sounding bitter,I would like to tell other bloggers that let this not become a popularity contest where the prettiest girl has the most number of friends/followers.People who truly know a thing or two about fashion will 'make it',in the real world. And blogging is your first step towards it,so get cracking and write about things that you are truly passionate about.

What's your most recent fashion purchase?
A pair of camel coloured skinny pants from Zara,and a cupcake print umbrella from Forever 21.

What's your absolute fave thing to do when you have free time?
I know this'll sound cliche'd, but uhmm blogging. It's not even funny when I think about the amount of time I've been spending on the 'blogosphere' in the past couple of days. Also eating,reading,watching movies and t.v.(i'm a couch potato if there ever were one), shopping and giving styling tips to people who could do with some!

Many thanks goes out to the Sartorial Diary for appearing on The Creative Mixx! It's a really cool site y'all. To check it out, please Click HERE


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