Monday, December 5, 2011

Treat Your Hair This Holiday Season

This is officially the first ever product review on The Creative Mixx!

I feel honoured to have been approached by who asked if I'd be interested in doing a product review from their online store. I figured why not?

I checked out the site and learned that specializes in professional hair dryers and flat irons. The product that I'm about to review is their Top Rated HANAair professional premier hair dryer. Retailing at 334.99 (but ON SALE right now for 194.99), I could tell that the item would be "salon quality". And, I loved the look! It's super sleek.

The hair dryer that I currently own was on it's last leg, so this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time! I should also state that my last hair dryer was on the cheap, so I was curious to see if there really was a difference when you pay more for a hair tool like this.

In a matter of weeks (just over two), I received a Canada Post notice stating that my package was ready to be picked up from my local post office. The package was a lot larger than I expected, so you can't even imagine my surprise when I picked up the following.....

Loveliness aside, I was eager to try out the product!

So, I headed off to wash my tresses with Paul Mitchell's Shampoo Two and The Detangler Conditioner. 20 minutes later I applied the HANA shine shield thermal protectant and was ready to dry my hair. The HANAair has 3 heat settings, two fan speeds and a cold shot. It comes with an extremely long cord, which is amazing. You never really realize how useful a long cord can be until you have a hair dryer with one. I was no longer tied to the electrical outlet lol. I was able to multitask while drying my hair.

Here's my honest opinion, this hairdryer is powerful. My hair was completely dry in about 12 minutes! Not only was the drying time quick, but my hair was truly smooth, soft & shiny. I was amazed at the quality and it was super easy to use!

I mentioned earlier that I love the look, but it's also durable too. Although I haven't done it yet, I bet if I drop it, it will still work like a charm and last a very long time.

Take advantage of the sale going on at and treat your hair this holiday season. This product is definitely worth the investment.

Now if you swear by the hair dryer that you currently own and don't want to make the switch, check out their site for an assortment of Flatirons

If you'd like to know more about HANA products, just click HERE



  1. Hmm, this dryer is very tempting!
    I have super thick hair, so it would definitely be nice to cut down on my 35min + drying time. I'm used to buying cheap drugstore hair dryers though, so even on sale this seems a bit pricey. But I guess you get what you pay for don't you? If it's still on sale after the xmas crunch I may have to splash out. Thanks for enabling ;)

  2. @Kaitlynn, Yes I know this blow dryer is rather pricey. But it truly works and so worth it:)


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