Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring 2012 Promo Photo Shoot with The SWAP Team

About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking part in The SWAP Team's Spring 2012 promo shoot. If you've been a regular reader of  The Creative Mixx, you already know that I've been involved with The SWAP Team since 2009.  However, my involvement with this season's photo shoot was entirely different. I was there as a blogger.  Vanessa Erickson & Stacey Savage, (Calgary Co-Chapter Directors) invited

myself and a few other local fashion bloggers to help style. In addition to promoting Calgary's largest clothing swap, the shoot was meant to promote the local designers/boutiques who donated a piece for the event raffle. A look was styled ahead of time for each designer/boutique donated piece with items from Rewind Consignment and Feisty Consignment.

Then we were all asked to bring pieces from our own closet, (that we planned to swap at the event) to style with the designer/boutique pieces. The intent was to style more looks using the same pieces - so fun!!!

I arrived at the Nexen Building (so lovely by the way)  with my clothes to swap & notebook around 10:00am.  I asked my friend Georges (@gfperrin) to assist me by taking some behind the scenes shots.

The photos he took are fa-bu-lous! However, I was unable to post any of his photos:(  
My crazy computer wouldn't recognize the memory stick that the photos are on. So, I'll be posting a Part 2 post with some of my fave shots by Georges.

After I soaked in the lovely venue, I took a few shots of  the talented Andrea Thygesen and Michelle Wai with Maddpretty doing their hair/makeup thang~

Before I knew it, the models were styled and ready for their first looks! While Mark Derry worked his magical photographic skills;  Fela Dales & Elle Nguyen with Calgary Fashion, Ashley with Lions, Lace & Lattes  and Glorife Simon of Fashionsign Magazine and I had the lovely task of creating different looks with our swapped pieces.





Diva Direct (Pastel Pink Ruffle Purse)

Rewind Consignment  (Orange Tank)

RewindConsignment (Military Jacket)

Eleven:Eleven Boutique (Purple Maxi Dress)

A Vintage Affair (Beige Silk/Lace vintage dress)  

Such a fantastic day! 

If you're in Calgary and want more info on the June 3rd "Take Off Your Clothes" clothing swap,  visit our Facebook event page by clicking HERE

And, tickets are officially on SALE!  - Click HERE to purchase



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