Tuesday, January 29, 2013

-27 is the HIGH for Today

Yep you've read the blog title correctly.  The high for today in Calgary, Alberta is a whopping -27 degrees celsius.

Let's just say it's freakin cold!

My 1 hour commute to work this morning was slow and steady. By the time I parked, my car had finally started to warm up.

On a day like this, one of the few items that would make it bearable when outside are Moon Boots.

I personally think they look ridiculous. Mainly these styles.....

And even their accessories are a bit ridiculous. I am not feeling this...

But besides all the ridiculousness, I went on an internet mission this morning. Mainly to see if I could find at least one pair of Moon Boots that I like. Guess what? I found not 1 but  2:)

Here are my faves

 If Moon Boots are your thang....Click HERE to visit the site



  1. the second pair of boots look like Rainbow Brite LOL

    and yes... it was hella cold here today!! brrrrrr!!!!!

    1. @Mich...Lol YES! The 2nd pair does look like Rainbow Brite! Thanks for swinging by! I'm heading over to your blog right now:)


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