Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Just Saw The Cutest Thing This Morning!!!

Well it's a lovely Sunday morning out here in Calgary! Since Friday, the weather here has been amazing! The sun andd the warmth have definitely got my spirits up.

Last night I went to the 1st Annual Burlesque Festival. I loved it!!! I'll have a proper recap in a few days. Although I took a lot of notes, I didn't have my camera with me. So, I've requested some photos and will post my re-cap early next week....

The idea for today's post came from another blogger - Rachelle Soucy . We have something in common. The fascination for miniatures!

My love of miniatures started as a child when I discovered the "doll house"...

A few years ago, I hunted on Etsy and Ebay for doll houses and miniatures to collect - but never actually made a purchase:(

After seeing Miniatures by Annina - I was blown away! This takes "miniatures" to a whole other level. Annina creates rooms that seem "real" & "livable". If only I could shrink to the size of a dime - I would totally move into these rooms:)

Have a look at my faves - the details are superb!

1luv peeps~

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  1. If you hadn't have said that these were miniature rooms, I would never have thought that they were! They're so amazing.


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