Monday, April 19, 2010

In Celebration of Earth Week~

Happy Monday y'all!

It was another gorgeous one today and there's nothing but good news where the weather's concerned over the next few days....

Since it's Earth Week, I decided to feature a company called NATE Organics. Created by Adam Katz in 2004, it's a clothing company that's committed to high quality conscious clothing. Made from organic cotton, this line "screams" environmental & social awareness. I was impressed to learn that NATE Organics also produces domestically and uses entirely eco-friendly dyes and inks in their production processes.

So feast your eyes on some designs that depict, comfort, consciousness & style~

The photos that I'm about to show you are from Vancouver Fashion Week 2009

These photos are by Wayne Mah

I have been lucky enough to receive a Tank and a T from NATE Organics! I truly love them and wear both items often:)

If you want to do your part for the environment (where clothing is concerned), visit the website by Clicking HERE

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  1. Hey, that seems to be a good lable. looks great and has thoughts behind.
    Thanks for sharing.


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