Monday, June 7, 2010

I Heard It Through The Facebook Vine:)

Calgary, be prepared for a lovely addition to Chinook Mall real soon. Think romantic, frills, soft, sipping tea, dainty, reading, serenity, glow.......(can you see the theme?)

Well I got the tip early this morning while searching through Facebook updates and I am happy to say that Anthropologie is coming to Calgary!

If you have never been to the site and love "things from days past", then you must pay Anthropologie a visit. It's one-stop shopping at it's best from clothing to jewelry/accessories and dining to bathroom decor, plus more!

I'd say that it's quite the triumph for Calgary - can't wait to make a visit~

Here are my fabulous finds from my online visit....


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  1. I am insanely excited about Anthropologie coming!! :)


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