Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a great day for Canadian Hip Hop~

Toronto is experiencing "Drizzy" pandemonium today!!!

It's official y'all, Drake's debut album "Thank Me Later" is now in stores.

As a transplanted Torontonian, I've gotta say that I wish that I was back in the city to witness the Drizzy craziness today.

To be honest though, the world is showin Drake some mad love today. The twitter feeds have been going crazy!

I've listened to most of the album and I'm very satisfied - proud as hell....

I'm gonna cop the album this evening!

This is where it all started - "Do what you do"



  1. i have to be honest... i am NOT a Drake fan. i don't get the hype. i don't see (or hear) the talent. In fact... he annoys the hell out of me. Sorry my dear, its probably not the kind of comment you would have wanted regarding him LOL but hey... everyone is entitled to their own opinions right?

  2. @Mich....Girl, you are definitely entitled to voice your opinion lol...I've got a thing for Drake for so many reasons....I won't try to pursuade you though:)
    Thx for swinging by~


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