Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogger Spotlight!

Happy Saturday y'all! I hope your enjoying the last week-end of August. Now here's the moment where I should insert the line "I can't believe that summer is over".
Unfortunately, I can't write that because I don't feel like I even had a proper summer. It's been extremely mild with "fall-like" temperatures for the past two months. So I'm really looking forward to Fall! I'd say that it's my second fave season (with a hot summer being my first pick).

It's been a while since I've featured a Blogger on The Creative Mixx, so I'm happy to do that for y'all today.

I'm a member of IFB ( and posted on a forum months ago looking to interview fashion bloggers. Nesha (a blogger, writer and fashion director of Street Savvy magazine) was kind enough to respond about a week ago:)

She is the talented blogger behind The Button Owl . I found her blog to be absolutely lovely, refreshing & inspiring. I've already added it as one of my new faves. So, if you appreciate fashion & illustrations then you will love The Button Owl (which is frequently updated by the way).


Can you tell us what your blog is all about?
My blog is about various aspects of fashion - from clothes to illustration- but it’s mainly about bringing recognition to the obscure aspects of the fashion industry, such as the people and the things that should get more notice than they do currently.

What made you decide to start one up and how long has "The Button Owl" been up and running? I started blogging as a creative outlet for all my silly ideas. I wanted a place where I could externalise my imagination, where I didn’t have to be anyone but myself. I also wanted to become a writer, and having no writing experience at the time, I thought starting a blog would help get all my word vomit out there. It’s been up and running for about half a year now.

I noticed that you changed the name of your blog. What was the reason behind that decision?
I just didn’t like the name, and it wasn’t picked by me to begin with, so I didn’t think it reflected my personality. I didn’t want my blog to be known for having the word ‘whore’ in it. I’m not very outgoing, last week I was described as ‘shy and sweet’ so I thought I should have a blog and blog title that reflected that.

Where do you get your inspiration for blog posts from? And how frequent do you post?
I gain my inspiration from fashion magazines, other bloggers, and strangely enough, my little sister. She’s the person who photographs all of my outfit posts, and she’s a really interesting and opinionated person. She’ll wear geek glasses with khaki’s and flip flops, or sometimes bunny ears with a pretty dress and converse trainers. She really inspires me. I don’t have a set amount of posts I make in a day or a week. If I’ve got something to blog about, I’ll do it. If not then I won’t.

Do you read other blogs regularly? If so, what are some of your faves?
Yeah, I read Style Bubble every few days and Tavi’s blog about once a week. But the blogs that I visit every day are just small with very few followers. My favourite blog at the moment is Shanfan’s Sketchbook, which belongs to the illustrator who designed my header image. She really is very talented.

Could you tell me a bit about the "Skinny Love" page?
My Skinny Love page tries to bring confidence to naturally thin girls, because they need love too. But I also write up building posts for curvy girls, in which some of those include articles about fitting role models, and why the world cannot decide what shape is hot and what’s not.

How would you describe your personal style?
I can’t describe it, that’s the thing. It’s geek/granny/punk/vintage… I just dress how I feel on the day.

What is your most recent "fashion" purchase?
A purse from Jimmy Choo!

What steps have you taken to promote your blog?
Every step possible, from exchanging links and gaining press to the old style ‘comment on other people’s blogs’ thing. I would say exchanging links has worked the best so far.

Just you have business cards?

What are your future goals for "The Button Owl"?
I hopefully want to double the amount of the followers I have now by the end of winter, and gain more sponsors and advertisers. I just want it to become a bigger community for fashion lovers.

Most Bloggers have a full-time job or are students. What's your 9-5 "gig"?
Ha, I actually don’t. I would really like to say that I waitress or something because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to waltz down a restaurant in roller blades and hair extensions, like in the movies. I’m fashion director of a magazine and I freelance for others.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers starting out?
Sell yourself. Act professional, look professional and pretty soon everyone will start believing that you are.

Click HERE to visit The Button Owl


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