Monday, August 2, 2010

I Know I Can't Afford This But....

To some of my Canadian peeps that enjoyed a holiday today - hope y'all spent it "maxing & relaxing". Depending on what province you're from you could have been celebrating New Brunswick day, Heritage Day, British Columbia Day or just a straight up regular Civic Holiday. I unfortunately didn't get the day off - but it's all good. The weather wasn't all that great today (as per usual). The sky was fairly gray from as early as 8:30 in the morning, but the heavy rain didn't hit us until about 6ish...

Now that the final month of summer is upon us, I am hoping that Mother Nature takes pity on us Calgarians and gives us a bit more heat, cause I don't think that we've had enough.

Now I saw something today that I know that I can't really afford, (at least I know that can't afford this "post sale" - but I just might be able to make it happen during the sale)

I'm in need of a new watch and LoLo & Co has some fabulous options - but the regular prices are ridiculously out of my reach. If you sign up on Enviius, you can get these watches for a lot cheaper.

(originally priced out at $11,960CAD is reduced to $449.00CAD on ENVIIUS)

(originally priced out at 2790.00CAD is reduced to $349.00CAD on ENVIIUS)


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