Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Still Got Fashion On My Mind.....

With yesterday's loss of the great Alexander McQueen, I've decided to expose you to an up and coming Albertan designer, by the name of Hali Klotz. Since, I'm currently planning the "Take Off Your Clothes", clothing swap event for May 15th (by the way it will be at Belgo - but I'll give you more details in a couple of weeks), I've been attempting to connect with local designers lately.

Now, I was lucky enough to see Hali's show last October at AB Fashion Week. Basically, once her show was finished - I knew then, that I needed to request an interview.

Well, it may be a couple months later - but tonight's the night!

Can you tell me what city you are based out of?
I am currently based out of Lloydminster, Alberta. This will hopefully be changing soon to a bigger centre.

How long have you been designing? And how did you get started?
Since I was really little I loved to sew. My grandma used to get me to sew buttons on my grampa's shirts. I sewed them so tight he couldn't button them up. I always used fashion as a form of self expression growing up. I was always the different kid and always showed that with the way I put myself together. In junior high, I started making my own clothes here and there. From then on I'd make myself things because I couldn't find what I liked living in a small city with only a few stores.

I caught your show last October at Alberta Fashion Week, what other shows will you be doing in 2010?
I am not sure if I will be doing very many shows this year, unfortunately. I really want to get into the industry by working for someone else and learning the business. You can't learn this hands on stuff in fashion school. So I am really going to try and focus on that aspect this year.

Your previous Spring collection gave us "punk rock 80's glam", (with fluorescents, an interesting mixture of patterns, leggings & more). What can we expect from your latest collection?
I am of Aboriginal descent and I find the culture and history very fascinating. I want to incorporate certain elements of that. Also, a completely different colour palette because I love to experiment with colours and patterns.

Where do you get your inspiration from? And, are you ever uninspired?
I get inspired by a lot of architecture, cultures, underground social movements I am a part of, music religions, whatever. I am really my own muse a lot of the time. Every collection I do is based on a certain part of me in a way. I am always inspired. I always do something completely different for each collection I do. I never want to repeat myself and I don't think I will ever have to. There's always new things going on in my head.
I try to look to other things other than fashion magazines and watching fashion television to get my inspirations. While it's important to know what's going on with current trends and what other people are doing, I find my designs are much more innovative when I look at other forms of art and just life in general for inspiration.

What are you're favourite fabrics to work with?
I love bold prints and florals. I usually use second hand fabrics and clothing in my collections as well.

You're definitely not afraid of colour... So, what is your absolute fave colour to wear and why?
It's funny you say that because looking into my closet It's a lot of black because it's winter. Right now I love the nude, blush colours. I have really pale skin so I have to be careful because a lot of colours can wash me out like greys and blues. I love orange though, a lot.

Name one fashion piece that you just can't live without.
I wear legging or tights EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sometimes I wear layers of both.

Do you have advice for anyone that is interested in breaking into the fashion industry?
Prepare to work harder than you ever imagined and then more. You have to really learn to balance the creative and business side. Designing is really fun but it's a small percentage of what actually makes your business what it is. You gotta hustle, sell and put yourself out there all the time or you won't have the finances or clout to go very far. It's not always about how talented you are at design as who you know and how much you are willing to do to get where you want to go. School is a good start and it helps but I would say take time to focus on the networking because it is really important.

Here's a taste of Hali's design capabilities~

Now if you just need to see more of what Hali can do, please Click HERE to visit her site

When I was on the Hali Sweet site, I clicked on the "shop" link to see what she had available for sale - and I was in for a sweet surprise.

I was redirected to her Etsy shop. , where a lovely Vintage Firework Bow Dress modified by none other than Hali Klotz is up for grabs!

Now I'm off to finish watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!



  1. Great interview! Love to hear about local designers. I just got an email about Alberta Fashion Week - would you recommend I go?

  2. @Buffy Leigh....yes if you have the opportunity to go to Alberta Fashion Week....I definitely suggest that you go. I plan on being there for the entire week - you'll have great contact to cover for your blog~

    @yoli....thanks for liking my blog:) I appreaciate it~

  3. I love the black dress with the strong shoulders!

    Found your blog through IFB, and I love it, it's really good!

    Sonia :)

  4. great interview!love her pieces


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