Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Just Found A Site That Showcases The Finest In Contemporary Pop Culture~

Hey peeps, I was surfing the net to find some cool, unique, and innovative items for sale and I randomly fell upon a site called "Lost At E Minor".

In addition to finding "cheeky" products, you'll get the latest and greatest updates on art, design, photography, music, fashion, film and more.

With locations in NYC and Australia, the editors have hand picked some fabulous finds that will set you apart from the ordinary. Now I loved the editor selections, but I've narrowed things down abit.

So, here are my fave products from their online shop.....


The "Aok" T.....

I've never tried caviar, but this ring has got me thinkin.....maybe I should lol

I did a post on the "moustache craze" a while back - these cuff links would have been perfect for the piece....

This is a touch screen watch - how cool is that?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this lovely necklace would make the perfect gift~

Now when I saw this I thought that it was hilarious. If you've constantly had your lunch stolen at work (or school), just pick up one of these anti-theft lunch bags.
They come with green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled, haha.

Now if you're not a huge fan of lace - these bracelets are a great way to add just a touch to spruce up any outfit

This tiny camera is cute and functional (uses 110 film)

The Studded Cuff for a bit of "fierceness"
If I've got you intrigued - Click HERE to visit their site~

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  1. The lace-esque bracelets are beautiful!

    ~Hannah Morgan


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