Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kelly Madden's Clothing Rock!

Wowsers! This week has really been flying and I'm not complaining about it!
I mentioned that the weather's been on the "mild tip" the other day and it seems that its gonna be this way for a little while longer!!!

A couple of weeks ago I landed on Kelly Madden's website and I liked the subtle edginess yet sexiness in her designs. You can catch this Albertan designer at Edmonton Fashion week on April 7th 2010.

So, If you are in the Edmonton area, be sure to check out her show, cause you'll get to see 10 pieces from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection as well as 5 preview pieces of her Fall/Winter collection.

Click HERE to visit Kelly's site

And if you're dying to get your hands on an official Kelly Madden design - Click HERE

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