Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As of Today....

My computer is up and running,(at least for now). So peeps, I'm back and it feels good!!!! I have definitely missed blogging and reading your blogs, so trust me I will be catching up.

Last week, I was off from work, enjoying a "staycation" in the city, (which meant ample time to spend on blogging). Boy was I wrong!

The viruses that have been attacking my computer over the past month (or so) successfully shut me down last Monday. I actually panicked for a few moments but soon remembered that I live within walking distance of an electronic repair shop (that happens to do computer repairs)

I'll condense the situation by saying that I picked up my computer after 6 days, paid $21.00 (for a price quote - which was a surprise to me) and brought home a computer that still had not been fixed.

Anyhoo, I hooked my computer back up and miraculously got back online. I don't know how long this will last but at least I'm back at work and can blog during the day if I have any further issues.

Now for some local news.......

My city has been once again hit with the annual "Stampede" festivities. We call it the "greatest outdoor show on earth" - think rodeos, chuck wagons, stage shows, agricultural competitions, midway rides and a whack load of beer drinking. Now I don't think I have a "country" bone in my body. But I did see a few cowboy hats, designed by Meaghan Cameron & Liana Robberecht of lollipop girl accessories that I had to post.

A limited quantity were made specifically for Stampede 2010. The hats shown below were actually designed exclusively for Zsa Zsa's Hat Salon on 17th Ave SW

Well I'm out y'all!


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  1. that hat salon is the FUNNEST place to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. A friend and I had a hat-movie-montage.

    ps - welcome back!! we missed you!


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