Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What A Ring!

I was doing a bit of blog reading this morning and discovered the coolest ring. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are the creative mavens behind the line Elizabeth & James (named after their siblings)

The 2 finger feather ring (either blinged out or not) has officially got me in love! You can find other adorable feather inspired pieces from their Fall 2009 line.

The diamond-free version was available at Bloomingdale's online for $150US (not too horrendous for a celebrity designer piece). I guess other people felt the same, because this ring is currently out of stock on various sites.

The diamond version is bit too pricey for me at 450US but so lovely~

If you're not down for the two finger rings and like a little bling, then the ring below might be your style.

I also discovered another Elizabeth & James ring that I'm lovin. Check out the cantilever bar ring


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  1. I love the rings. Please check out my blog


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