Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Lovely Version from The Mulifarians

Yesterday I blogged about remixes and covers and I'm continuing the theme this morning.

I heard the loveliest version of  "O Holy Night" (one of my faves) produced and performed by a group of Calgary musicians.

I am blown away.....


Recording & Mixing— David Kean, The Audities Foundation Engineering Assistant — Christina Milinusic
Mastering —Dave Harrison, EK Sound, Calgary

Vocals — Aisha Mendes, Bernard Glover Lynn Maric
Band — Dave Lewis, Wendell Johnson, Chris Maric
Strings — Donovan Seidle, Warren Tse, Rafael Hoekman, Matt Heller

Production— Chris Maric
Co-Production — David Kean
Arrangement — Chris Maric, Bernard Glover

Artwork — Devon Sandboe
Special Thanks — Brian Johnstone, Mike Lauchlan, Amanda Babalola

Copyright 2012 — Mind of Maric


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