Friday, October 30, 2009

I've Finally Caved In......

There's a craze that's been going on for quite some time now and I've finally decided to post some photos about it......

I'm talking about the fascination with the Mustache. Yep.... the Mustache has been popping up on any item that you can possibly think of lately; from mugs to vinyl stickers and t-shirts to greeting cards.

I've even heard of people hosting Mustache parties and

So, thanks to an email I received from a co-worker today, I figured it would be fun to show you some products that are definitely "Mustache inspired"~

Upcycled Modern Stacking Mustache Espresso Mugs With Matching Plates and Holder

Little Angels Jewelry
The ORIGINAL Dali Mustache Necklace

Mustache Love set of 10

Paper Doll Woodshop
moustache salt and pepper shaker
Mustache Bandages

Stache Pillow-Handlebar Moustache Pocket Pillow-Jet Black and Pumpkin Orange-Limited Edition HALLOWEEN COLORS

Urban Outfitters
Fuzzy Mustache Ornament
Large Fuzzies!

Handlebar Hold Up

Happy Friday y'all:)


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