Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dreamy Dresses by Halarah

Thank-you Linkedin for connecting me with Agnes! Latvian Designer extraordinaire behind the label Halarah.

Her dresses will take your breath away, so be prepared.  I literally gasped when I surfed through Halarah.com  

In fact, I sat in awe for a bit and drooled over each Halarah dress. They all breathe passion, attention to detail and imagination.

So, I asked Agnes a few questions....mainly how could a Canadian gal like myself get a Halarah dress of my very own...

Unfortunately Halarah doesn't not have global customers YET.  The good thing is that they are working hard to change that.  If all goes well, their webshop will be open prior to Christmas of 2012!!!
Keep your fingers and toes crossed friends:)

You must be wondering how much could a "Halarah" dress go for - well, it ranges anywhere from $160 to several thousand dollars (I'm assuming that would be in US).

Take a look at my Halarah faves where each bead or feather is attached by hand. Superb!

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via email -  info@halarah.com


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