Friday, November 23, 2012

Gothic Chic Stylin with Victoria Woman...

Victorian Woman and The Creative Mixx, have something in common. We've both been around since 2009. 

I've spent my time blogging about creative people from my home in Canada and designer Manuela of Victorian Woman has been offering women feminine & sophisticated handmade accessories straight from France. 

Think corsets, hats, lace jewelry, belts, purses & bags, hair accessories & cloaks made with the utmost "attention to detail" .  

Victorian Woman's mission is to bring fashions from the past to the present with a modern twist.

I'll be honest, corsets are definitely my thing.  Mainly because I love the way it gives you that "hour glass" figure.  Back in the day, I owned a very cheap version (c/o Le Chateau) when I was in high school. That corset cannot even compare to the ones shown below......

The above 3 photos with model -  "Adriana" were taken by photographer Sylvain Renault (

The Steampunk colection is a new line exclusive to Victorian Woman - mixing old technology with new technology through fashion (imagine steam machines meeting computers)

The above 2 images of the steampunk collection are with model Anaïs taken by photographer Jean-François Romero (

Visit the Victorian Woman site by clicking HERE for more info 



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