Thursday, January 27, 2011

Attention Modcloth Lovers!

If you love the Modcloth website as much as I do, then you already know this.

But, for those who don't - I'd like you to know that they are having a sale right now. It's called the Cosy Up Sale, where you can get up to 50% off cuddly cute clothes!

Here are some of my fave items on sale:

The Hit The Jackpot Belt (that's what I need right now) for $14.99 USD

The Out For A Cruise Necklace for $39.99 USD

In Great Shapes Top for $79.99 USD

Blueberry Pilot Hat (for those who look good in hats - and that's not me) for $23.00 USD

The Golden Ruler Dress for $36.99 USD

Highest Bidder Coat for an even $100.00

There is so much more to choose from (and I'm talking pages and pages of sale-priced items). So, head on over to the Modcloth website by clicking HERE

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