Friday, January 28, 2011

Pumped! Shoes Is Having A Shopping Party....

Mark your calendars Calgary. Next Thursday February 3rd, Pumped! Shoes (at Fashion Central) is having a Shopping Party!

In celebration of Fashion Central's 1st Birthday you can head down to the corner of Stephen Avenue & First Street SW for some music, sweet treats, special promotions, and great fashion and gifts for Valentine's day.

Pumped! Shoes will offer you wine and cheese (which is always good). But that's not the reason why you should pay them a visit. Visit them for fab deals on gorgeous shoes & handbags.

If you've never been to this lovely shop, here's a few visuals for you to feast your eyes on:



  1. OMG, I feel like such a lame-o for never having heard of this store! These pictures are making me drool!!!

  2. @kaitlynn of most serene rabbit... Lol, just try
    to make it down to fashion central's 1st Thursday
    and you can see Pumped! Shoes in the flesh:)

  3. Hey! thanks for the comment. You've got a great blog here too! I don't see a lot of calgarians on here or maybe I'm not looking hard enough? haha

  4. Love that last picture, screams glamour!

  5. @Eva...You're welcome! And thanks:) I don't see many Calgarian bloggers either, but Kaitlynn is from Calgary too!

    @House in Tillford....yeah I totally agree. The shoe in the last photo is definitely a glamorous piece.


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