Monday, January 24, 2011

I've Got Some Sad News:(

As the title of my post says, I've got some sad news to share.....

I heard through the facebook grapevine today that a lovely little Calgary shop by the name of Shisomiso is closing it's doors after 6 years of being in business.

What is Shisomiso you ask? Well it's a Boutique, Gallery, and a workspace with a focus on supporting young Canadian designers. Co-owners Irene Rasetti & Victoria Lee worked very hard at creating a towards creating an atmosphere where people could pop in to chat, shop and admire up and coming artists.

They were a supporter (and sponsor) of the last "Take Off Your Clothes" clothing swap and I am truly sad to hear that their doors will be closed.

However, Irene & Victoria have decided to pursue other adventures and I think it's important to pursue new dreams and develop new passions. I'm excited to hear about the new changes and opportunities that these two lovely ladies will face over the next upcoming months.

The doors will officially close at the end of February. So in the meantime, make your way down to Shisomiso for amazing deals. Currently they have items that are 25-75% off. But there'll be more sales in the weeks to come so keep your eyes open Calgary!

All I have to say is, Shisomiso - you'll be missed!

#105, 100 - 7th Avenue SW

Psst....If you or someone you know might be interested in taking off where Irene & Victoria left off please feel free to contact them! They are willing to discuss options.


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