Monday, March 29, 2010

Can We Say Busy????

Well it's been forever y'all since I've posted.

Last week was most definitely a busy one with Alberta Fashion Week, but I also had my first volunteer meeting for the Clothing Swap event that I will be hosting in May. I had a lot of organizing to do which kept me away from blogging:(

I am back with a jam-packed week of content for y'all. Tonight I'll give you a recap of Alberta Fashion Week's final night. It definitely ended off with a bang.

Tomorrow, I have an interview lined up with a local jewelry designer and I've got a lot of designer features to post later on in the week.

I'll be going to the Brother Ali concert this Thursday night, so I will definitely post a re-cap on Friday.

Now back to Alberta Fashion Week's finale.

The week long fashion extravaganza ended with three fashion shows.

Jason Matlo
Holly Allen (for Chi Chi Couture)
KaaDiki (by Hathem Elkadiki)

Jason Matlo was my fave show of the night for sure! I fell in love with so many pieces!

I particularly loved his off the shoulder 'numbers' and there was a glitter dress that was 'to die for'.

I didn't take as many photos of his collection as I should have - I was in awe and kept forgetting.

I didn't get the chance to capture these outfits on film myself, so I went to Jason Matlo's site for some photos. These pieces were my ultimate faves!!!

The other show that I happened to enjoy that night was the Men's wear line KaaDiki by Haithem Elkadiki. Showcasing menswear was a first for AB Fashion week, so I was happy to see some innovative designs with the 'man' in mind. I loved the jackets which cleverly incorporated zippers, leather, mesh and colour.

It was a great week - didn't get to catch as many shows as I had hoped, but I enjoyed myself......

Looking forward to the next one:)

1luv peeps! Glad to be back:)


  1. agree about the off shoulder, especially like the black long sleeved one. should post a pic of what you wore, curious to know what people wear to fashion shows

  2. @D....I will have to do a post on some of my fave outfits worn out and about in the city - stay tuned!


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