Monday, March 15, 2010

It's All About The Youth....

I've got two videos showcasing the youth of today. Yeah it makes me feel old lol, but the videos are dope so I had to share.

Before I do, I want to thank every one that has commented on latest giveaway that is going on right now on The Creative Mixx.

If haven't heard, a fabulous necklace is up for grabs, courtesy of Aquacitrine!

Here's a reminder of what you can win~

Atlantique Lariat

Click HERE to get the contest details

Click HERE to visit Aquacitrine's shop

Now it's time for the videos!

The first one showcases the new dance craze that's going on. If you don't know how to "jerk", then check this video out!

I may not have been jerking after I watched this vid....but I was definitely bouncing lol

Next up is one of the Simmons kids - Diggy Simmons who kills it with "Made you Look Freestyle" - Keep building that empire baby....


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  1. I am following you on twitter and my favorite jewelry listed is the calais earrings.


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