Friday, March 5, 2010

You Must Know By Now That I Love To Write:)

Yay! The week-end is here!

I'm so ready for it too. I've had a lot going on this week and haven't had the time to respond to some emails that have been sitting in my inbox for days now.....

But I've got a plan. This week-end it's all about organizing the various projects that I've got going on, writing, sourcing out new talent, sending out interview questions (sorry Michael St. James, you should have received something from me like ages ago lol) and catching up with my fellow bloggers by a well overdue blog reading session.

Now as you know, since I happen to love writing so much, I've become part of the Urban Aces magazine team as their Vintage columnist. Get this, I have recently been appointed the Fashion
Director for the magazine which is pretty exciting.

Since many of y'all have a blog of your own, (which means that you love to write) I figured that this is the perfect space to let you know that Urban Aces magazine is looking for new writers. The gig is 'free' - so this might be great for students looking to get more experience writing, or bloggers who want to expand their portfolio by appearing on another site. If you love writing about fashion, entertainment or urban living then holla at me with your resume and samples of your work. (fyi peeps - internship and college credit is available)

1 luv

P.S. I want to say that I love the comments I received about "sending & receiving" handwritten cards and notes. It got me thinking...........

Just might introduce a "handwritten note" swap. I will fill you in soon:)


  1. congrads! fancyThat was just interviewed for the Vintage Column!

  2. @fancyThat blog....Thx!!! Can't wait till the interview is posted on UrbanAces!


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