Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday Marked The First Day Of Alberta Fashion Week for 2010!

Hey peeps!

I hope you enjoyed the first week-end of Spring! My week-end was another busy one. I did make it to the Blame Betty sale like I planned and picked up two lovely dresses for a mere $40.00!!!!

I will post a photo of me in them soon. I bought a red one that fits like a glove:) The second one is a little larger than what I would usually wear, but the smaller size (and that would be a 'medium') was a little too small. So I figured, that it was still worth the money to buy it and possibly get it taken in.

On Sunday, I made it to Alberta Fashion week for a runway show and a Media Reception.

I got there late and was only able to catch Andrew Majtenyi's runway show - I was sad to know that I missed the Lael Osness & 442 McAdamm shows, but I must say that I was glad to have made it just in time for the final show of the evening. Andrew Majtenyi is a renowned Canadian fashion designer who made it to London Fashion Week in 2009. Taking his inspiration from fabrics first before sketches, I fell in love with some of the dresses that he showcased. I could go in-depth and give you my interpretation of each piece, but I figured that the photos I took, will speak for themselves.

What a show y'all! Oh and the Media Reception was fab! It took place at the Art Gallery of Calgary (first time I had ever been - can you imagine that!!!) which was lovely. Aside from being in the midst of those who "know" about fashion, the art was breathtaking. I was lucky enough to view wonderful works of art~

If you want to learn more about Andrew Majtenyi - Click HERE

If you're in Calgary and want to check out Alberta Fashion Week - Click HERE for more info



  1. Great photos! I am going to The Battalion show here in LA tonight. Very excited (-:

  2. @Cindy....Thanks!!! Have fun at The Battalion show! Please take some photos:)

  3. ooo...LOVE the LBD's! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve passed on an award to you! Check out my blog for the details


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