Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Etsy, It's Been So Long Since I've Been By For A Visit.....

Hello peeps,

So, we've been getting some fabulous weather over the last little while - but it seems that it's about to end as of tonight. Supposedly, Calgary is in for more of that white stuff - that's right snow. Now, this news should get me all upset, but the reality is that March is infamous for having that "one last heavy snowfall" before Spring is sprung. This news reminded me of some of my previous posts earlier in winter, when I did a bit of complaining and then showcased some fab finds from one of my fave sites.

So, I made a well overdue visit to Etsy today. It didn't take me long to find some "lovelies" to share. I gotta tell you though, I was pretty impressed with some of the photo shoots that some of the Etsy shop owners are posting to their pages......

I have a feeling that you'll appreciate it too:)







Was blown away tonight by the fierce fashions......

I'm out peeps!

Oh by the way, I was feeling energized, so you can click on each image to visit each sellers shop.



  1. Looking Good. I'm thrilled that you have included artlab here. Thank you! x

  2. @patricia......You're so welcome:) And thx for liking my blog:)


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