Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't You Just Love Getting Mail???

I came home today to a lovely surprise. In my mailbox there wasn't a bill in sight. Instead there was a lovely package with my name all over it! I quickly opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to see a collection of three mini greeting cards from "Spring Blossom Design", (a greeting card designer that was part of my most recent giveaway on The Creative Mixx.

I was so happy to receive this lovely gift, so I just had to share:)

Sending a personalized thank-you note, or card to say "I Love You" is something that I would like to "bring back" for 2010.

Have you sent a handwritten note or card to someone lately? If you haven't but want to this from now on, visit Spring Blossom Design for your greeting card needs~

Click HERE to visit the site

1luv peeps


  1. Cool, like the designs. Nowerdays Internet is making all the mails... Only few people are sending cards ...
    It´s a pitty some way.

  2. my absolute favorite thing in the entire world is to get cute little packages in the mail. Handwritten notes and pretty adorned packages really does = love

  3. I love the idea of bringing back the handwritten note in 2010!

    P.S. I never received my blogger spotlight questions Ms. Thang. ;-)

  4. Oh I'm glad you received it - although it looks like the package was treated a bit rough in the mailing process.
    I hope you enjoy them and thanks again for featuring me on your blog to celebrate your 100th follower!

  5. I am a big believer in hand written thank you notes. I think they are both classy, and sweet. Bring them back!


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