Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anytime Spring rolls around I begin to think "Vintage".......

So, now that the weather has been acting "seasonal" for a couple of days, I started to go through my list of Vintage boutiques & online shops. I noticed that I hadn't posted about Vantage Point Vintage yet.......

Soooo, I figured that tonight would be fitting. It rained a little and the smell of Spring is in the air.

I discovered VPV a couple of months ago and contacted them to do a mini-feature piece, (sort of like a fabulous find blurb). A couple of years ago, a husband & wife team enjoyed the “thrill of the hunt” so much that they started up Vantage Point Vintage.

Josh & Jenny may bring differing talents & capabilities to the table but they are passionate about vintage & fashion and love creating a "totally" unique outfit that lets your personality shine through.

I thought it would be fun to find out what Jenny’s most recent vintage purchase was, so I asked her….(this answer is a bit little outdated - but I still wanted to share this with you)

“One of the highlights of being in the vintage business is having an always rotating wardrobe! I rarely wear anything more than twice. One of my most exciting recent finds was an adorable sixties owl pendant. I love it so much I haven’t let it go just yet!”

Here's a couple of wicked finds from the Vintage Point Vantage site a few weeks back....

CLICK HERE to visit this lovely site~


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  1. Thanks so much for the great write up! We really appreciate it! Gals, don't forget to add the Creative Mixx to your favorite blogs! It's too good not to!

    Jenny @ vpv


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