Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yay 200!!!

Well peeps, today marks my 200th post for The Creative Mixx. Wow! Time really flies.... I started this blog last summer and the one year anniversary is approaching ever so quickly.

Tonight I have a few things to be thankful for. First, I'm thanking Mother Nature for being kind to us Calgarians over the past few days. It's been absolutely gorgeous out lately with intense heat and rain showers equalling a perfect combination:)

I thank all the talented people who have made an appearance on my blog and to all my followers and regular readers? I seriously thank-you for your support~

As you all know, I've been busy planning the Take Off Your Clothes swap over the past couple of months and Saturday was event day and I've gotta say that although there were a few "hiccups" for our first ever Calgary event. I think that it was a success!!!

So, I figured that a great way to mark my 200th post is to give y'all the lowdown on the clothing swap.......

We had a great turnout with close to 190 people show up to do a little "swap shopping". People were lined up before 11:00 just waiting to get their hands on a fabulous find.

Within the first hour, we had about 80 people come through the door! So, here's some photos of the interior space before all hell broke loose lol!

Then the shoppers got down to business~

Kean Tan of Modi$club.com spinned some wicked beats for the day.....

We had some models in the house courtesy of Numa models

And we were lucky enough to have some of our designer sponsors in the house!!

Jenn Sadzak with the Jensa Collection went to fashion school in Toronto and later worked for a variety of positions, including buyer and stylist. I was lucky enough to have some of her designs donated for the event - AND she volunteered too!!!

Below we have 3 young designers who have attended the Fashion Design and Marketing Diploma program at Lethbridge College. Sarah Auston located on the left, is a recent graduate & has always had a strong sense for fashion. She donated a lovely floral braided tank and volunteered before and during the event! In the middle we have Kosuke Ito of Ko's Factory, currently a fashion student at Lethbridge College, he specializes in men’s & women’s casual street wear. We landed a sweet pair of his designer jeans for the event. And to the far right, we have Tasha McDivitt, another recent graduate at Lethbridge College fell in love with fashion from the age of 10. She donated a fabulous polk-a-dotted dress for the event.

And then, to top things off, we had a reporter with Shaw TV and the program Stir show up to do a bit of interviews. Here's me having my 5 minutes of fame lol...

I know I may be a little biased here, but I thought that the event was a success!

Many thanks go out to all my volunteers and to all of the other designer sponsors who were kind enough to donate an item to the event.

So, thank-you Bailey Mitchell, Eleven Eleven Boutique, Jessica Halabi, Di Designs, Two Penny Design, Jockey P2P Canada, & Maple Leaf Storage .

Lastly, big shoutouts go to the talented Sean P. Young (event photographer), my friend Kelly took some wicked photos as well and Aleece Germano (one of the masterminds behind the SWAP team)~



  1. I am so sad that I didn't get to make it (I had to work).
    I'm glad that the event was a success though! Hopefully there'll be another one in the future that I can attend!

  2. @Angela.....that's ok hun:)
    We'll be having another one in the Fall! Will keep you posted~

  3. woohoo!! congrats on 200 posts! ive beepn following you (sometimes from the sidelines) since pretty much day 1. I cant believe its almost a year already!

    keep up the great blog :)

  4. Mich...aw thanks for being with me from the beginning!! Much luv to you girl:)

  5. Nice Stuff!

    Hope New Black can help out.


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