Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Interview With The "Oh-So-Fabulous" Tayo L.

I spend much of my day surfing the web for cool finds to share with y'all. Sometimes I find something amazing and sometimes I don't.....

A couple of months ago I stumbled on a shop that “wowed” me - for real.

The photos on this site give you “vintage styling” at it’s best. Tembis Boutique has an innovative selection of remixed vintage clothing, that takes you from the 20’s straight to the 80’s.

Catering to all the “vintage vixens”, Tayo L , (the mastermind behind Tembis Boutique) shares her love for unique styles, trends and eras to give you “one of a kind” pieces that will have people talking. Sadly enough I am not in the (773) area code – so I did not have the ability to stop by the South Loop Boutique Showroom Space to look around. But, if you want to book a personal shopping appointment (from Monday – Sunday).....
Just send an email to or you can simply go to the site to shop with the click of a mouse.

I’ve gotta say that although I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting Tayo in person – I could tell from her answers that she’s “mad cool”. Be prepared to play “dress up” with Tembis Boutique.

What gave you the inspiration to start up Tembis Boutique? And how long have you been up and running?
Well, I have always luved vintage, thrifty, yo grandmammy, ole skool, or whateva' you may call it clothing.lolol.... I just adored the way the clothing fit and looked on a woman’s body. The dresses were always so outlandish but with a simple tailored cut and the hats & accessories were always full of glamour. I was really inspired by my love of the "fabric"- no really, it was the fabric...lolol.....

If I saw any vintage piece with a unique cut, color, or fabric, I just had to have it, no matter what the size was...
After dressing a few of my girlfriends and realizing I could give them unique individual style and make them look hot - I was HOOKED. So, I gave birth to tembisboutique in Apr. 2006

I've gotta commend you on your great sense of style - it's "off the hook". I'm just wondering, how have you developed such a talent?

Well I would definitely say I got my sense of style from my Momma - she always wore the most outlandish outfits...
My mom reminded me a of a life like Barbie’s, with interchangeable outfits - she was definitely a show stopper.

Your boutique features items from the 20's straight through to the 80's. What's your fave era for Vintage?

I actually have 2 favorite eras. The first is the 70's, because the clothing had so much movement and personality. The clothing matched the disco era perfectly, those designers were not afraid to play with shapes and colors....
Everything about the 70's seemed free and it reflected in the clothing. I also adore the 50's. The women were such "ladies" with their cocktail hats, wrist gloves, impeccable dresses, and matching accessories. I luv that the women took fashion seriously at that time....
I am actually in luv with all eras. When looking at the fashions of different eras, you can see how women have been viewed in society by the leading trends of that particular era...

I find it interesting to know that you revamp/re-work some of the pieces available on your site & at your store. Can you tell me a bit about your collaboration with Lady Barn?

I revamp some of my pieces to add a modern appeal to them but staying true to the original vintage pattern....
Lady Barn is my Godmomma who helps me with alterations. I was named after her and she has helped me tremendously...

If I were to visit your shop in Chicago, what other services (other than the ability to shop for some "fierce vintage"), do you offer?
We offer photo shoots, fashion shows, trunk shows, personal shopping outside of "fierce vintage clothing"

How frequently do you add new inventory?
I add new inventory weekly.

Do you have any events planned for Tembis Boutique in 2010?
In 2010, I will be revamping the online store and I will also be doing some traveling to search for more designer vintage pieces. I’ll also be doing fashion and trunk shows…until then items can be purchased @

Have you fallen in love with a specific vintage item lately?
Yes, Yes, Yes, vintage Chanel drop earrings and 1950's circle dresses, (like Lucille Ball)

If you’re feeling Tembis Boutique’s approach to remixing vintage clothing – sign up for their mailing list at:

And, there’s a whack load of other ways to stay connected. Feel free to check them out at the following networking sites:

Here's a bit of "fierceness" from Tembis Boutique~


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