Monday, July 20, 2009

Singing's Not For Everyone.....

I'm gonna post a video that I had the "pleasure" (I'm being sarcastic here)of viewing last night. A friend of mine on facebook posted it and I've seen it posted on some other blogs today.

Wondering what all the I was gonna speak about it yesterday, but decided to save it for today.

July 18th marked the Mandela B-Day Concert live in New York City. The video I'm about to show you is a duet between Lil Kim & Cindy Lauper?????? Before I even watched the video, I couldn't understand why these two were matched up. Now I loved me my Cindy Lauper back in the day and I was excited to see that they were gonna sing "Time after Time" (MY FAVOURITE~), but I wasn't so sure about Lil' Kim's singing skills. I mean her most recent attempt at singing that I've heard was on her track "Download". Here's a quick sample in case you haven't heard it yet...

Download - Lil Kim

Now, I hope you took a quick listen. Cause, you'll notice that you can't really tell if she's got an ounce of talent in the singing department here, cause it's all mixed in with that computer love sound. It's not that easy to hide your lack of skillz however, when you're live in the flesh.

So my Ms. Kim, why oh why would you do this to yourself girl. I mean rapping is definitely your thang. That's what you do and you can handle your business in that department, but singing??? I wouldn't go that route sweetie......

Cindy Lauper on the other hand showed some skillz. She got her little rap on and you know she did her thang for sure......I mean she surprised me!

It's 11:15 right now and I'm trying to make it to bed before midnight, but I've got to post my fave song of the day.....

This is officially my joint peeps, I've listened to this all today, couldn't get enough of it. (and I'm loving the video too)

Hope you like:)

As I was waiting for this video to post, I decided to sit on my balcony for a bit (cause the temperature tonight is alright) and my cat (and let me stress that she is an indoor cat- cut but puny - I swear she eats like crazy) decides to take a trip on the wild side and jump of the balcony, of course I had to run out and chase her ass..... She didn't go far or anything, but wouldn't come in the front door. Instead she wanted to come in through my window. So I run downstairs to open that and she aint there! I run back outside to find her right underneath my balcony. I'm thinkin, I'm not in the mood to be chasing my cat all around so I keep calling her (sweetly of course) and in a blink of an eye she jumps up onto my balcony and runs inside.

Cats gotta love em.......

Night peeps.......


  1. ooooh... what is that? lil' kim singing? I've never heard her really sing before... I thought she could only rap?! well, she'd better stick to the rap... the singing wasn't really good... hahaha


  2.'re on the same page as me!


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