Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Beads.....

Thanks to the wonderful world of facebook, I just got a tip yesterday on facebook from Lan (the creative mastermind behind "Something Else" - see the pics below).

(Note - I've got the halter top by the way- isn't it the cutest thing?)

The tip was about Un-Jin. A sweet gal from Calgary who has an Etsy shop called Happy Bead.
So I had to check it out. And I've gotta say she has some adorable pieces. Here are my faves:

Now there are about 19 items available for sale at

The site seems to be updated frequently with new additions. So check it out often......



  1. Liking the new look! Cool posts girl!
    Take Care,

  2. I want one of each! I love the "patience" earrings!

  3. Thanks for showin some love Reagan! And Reese, I'm gonna get me one of those "patience" earrings myself...just to keep me in check lol

  4. hey Necole, thanks so much for blogging about my jewelry :) much appreciated! xoxo luv Diana Un-Jin

  5.'re welcome girl....I love your pieces. Had to share:)


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