Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Salsa To Tango To Salsa

I've been gone for but a minute, but now I'm back. I've shut down my last blog to start up a new one. Welcome to "The Creative Mixx". The title is more fitting for what I've been speaking on lately.

It'll be similar to my last blog. So, I'll still be showcasing new talent, posting my fave songs of the day, featuring stylish folks and speaking on randomness. But I plan to get some creative projects underway and would love to share....

So, for those who've read my blog in the past, you know that I like to give you a recap of my week-end. Here goes....

Friday night
Involved going down to Eau Claire for a lesson in Salsa dancing with G. We got there a little late, opened the doors of the dance class to see a lot of elderly people doing the Tango????
I mean we were hoping to walk away with some of these skillz...

G could have sworn that the class was supposed to be Salsa. Well, long story short - Friday nights were strictly Tango nights. Let's just say we weren't feelin that and even if we were, we would have been out of luck. We showed up too damn late. So since we were in the mood for Latin music, we went across the street to a Latin club called Don Quiote. Even without a lesson, we figured that we could at least watch some dancers do their thang. We got to the door only to learn that the cover was $12.00

Now the price isn't astronomical, but we weren't in the mood for paying cover, so we decided to walk on that gorgeous night to find a spot to have a drink and some good convo.

After about 10 blocks of walking, we made it to Broken City for a drink on the patio, (and the music was good)

Saturday night
I spent the day chillaxin (as I like to do from time to time) and did the regular week-end errands. Then I headed off to Amanda's house for a night sitting on her patio listening to acoustic guitar. Another friend of hers stopped by and played all night while we sat under the stars......lovely

Headed over to Kensington for the "Sun & Salsa" festival with Alyshia. This is the first year that I actually experienced the event in its entirety. I didn't realize that although the festival had a Latin feel it really was about the salsa (as in the recipe and not the dance). Many of the businesses participated in created their own salsa recipe which we all got a chance to taste and vote on. My fave was the very first one that I tried. There were about 40 varieties, but after about 15 samples I was all salsa'd out!

Here's some pics
Flamenco Dancer's

Pure Randomness

Amazing Band

Belly Dancers

Don't think this one's gonna win "Best Salsa" (let's just say.... the taste was interesting)

Time for us to bounce....looked like a storm was coming

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