Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well I'm Back

Remember that Community sale I was so excited about this morning? Well I didn't get there as early as I expected. My goal to get there around 10 turned into around noon. And when I got there, ummm.......the selection wasn't what I was thinking it would be. Lets just say that my friend Alyshia lives with a lot seniors lol. I saw a whack load of VHS videos (I know I like to be old skool from time to time, but I got rid of my VCR a while back), a whole heap of puzzles, baby gear and I think I saw a couple of dowlies. Basically in a nut shell, the things that I saw wouldn't work with my decor, no matter how creative I think I am. I did see a brass headboard that I would have picked if I didn't have a bed frame already. But if I really needed a headboard, I sure wasn't prepared to walk away with it today. I mean, I don't even think that it would fit in my truck! So.....other than that, there was nothing at this sale for me.

Alyshia did well with sales and sold a couple of things. Since I had arrived so late, she had already packed things up. But when I came in for a visit, she showed me something that her mom and her sister Sarah had made. When I saw this I was in love!!!!!!!!! Now I can't wait until they start selling these accessories for real!

Have a look......

I tried this one on, (should have had Alyshia take a pic) but it looks adorable! I have to get me one asap!!!!!

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