Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Just Bought A Gem!!!

So a few days ago, I talked about Sarah's lovely hair feather accessories (the "Well I'm Back" post 7/25/09). Guess what!!! Today I made a fabulous & fierce purchase, (the best $22.00 I've paid in a long time lol). I now own a feather headband y'all and I can't wait to post a pic with me wearing it!!! I think I look so cute. (Note - Michael St. James from, sent me an email today about Sarah's accessories. He loves her tricked out accessories - for real! But for some reason, he wasn't able to post a comment on my blog. Blah...thanks Blogger:( Basically, I adjusted my "comment" security options, so I think everythings all good. (you can post those comments now with ease)

Anyhoo, I just want y'all to mark your calendars. Cause, WED AUG 5 between 1:30 and 2pm EST, Xtiin Jones (pronounced Kristen Jones - the soulful songstress from Toronto)
will be interviewed with host Hugh Reilly on the Liquid Lunch show @

Not only will you hear her radio debut of her first single REACH OUT, but you'll learn more about the inspiration behind her music. And brace yourself peeps.....she'll be performing an acoustice rendition of one of the tracks off of her upcoming EP too!!! Y'all know how much I love me my acoustic r&b. So I can't wait! (I will make sure that I'm tuned in that day....hope you will too)

(Note - If you miss this program, keep checking out my blog, cause I hope to post an interview with her asap!!! - this is well overdue)

If you followed my old blog, you may have seen this video that I'm gonna post already. But I love this tune, so I gotta share again....hope y'all don't mind a repeat:)

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