Friday, July 31, 2009

Grab Your Rag, Make Sure You Have Your Water & Some Flat Shoes! It's Caribana Tomorrow in Toronto!!!

I know I should be posting about this event tomorrow, cause the official parade day for Caribana is Sat. Aug. 1st. But, I've got a special post I'm planning for tomorrow. A dear friend (from way, way back - like a sister kinda friend - has a new business and I just have to talk about it. I will give you a hint.....If you love animals, have a pet or know someone who does then you'll love this item!)

So, I'll talk about an event that's going on in Toronto. As I mentioned it's Caribana. For all y'all who don't know what Caribana is? I'll give you a crash course (short & sweet lol). Caribana is a festival celebrating Caribbean culture. The event has been called North America's largest street festival, drawing in more than a million visitors (both local and from overseas each year). I remember going as a child and couldn't get enough of the costumes, floats, music, food, people, etc. One of these years I'm gonna play mas (for real I'm gonna be part of the parade!) This will be me

Now, I've mentioned earlier this week that I love Facebook. I love it for many reasons (I mean I love connecting with old friends), but I love it cause it's a great way to get the inside scoop on events going down. The bad side to that, is I've been getting a whole heap of invites to Caribana parties and I aint gonna be able to make it cause I'm far away. So it sucks:)

I figured, I'll boost my spirits cause regardless it's the week-end and I'll post some music to get me into that Calypso & Soca vibe. Can I get a yeah, yeah!

Now this track is an oldie...but you're gonna hear this each and every year come Caribana time....

What Happens in the Party (Stays in the Party) - Sean B

Now here is tune that I heard today on flow935FM. I love it!!!!!

Pump Me Up (soca) - Krosfyah

For all of those who are going to "Get on Bad" have fun....see you next year I hope!


  1. Wow! That looks like a fun party! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm now following yours!

  2. Yeah Caribana definitely is fun.... I love your blog and thanks for following mine:)


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