Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I would say that for the most part I can make decisions (after weighing the pros & cons of a situation of course), but then there are times that I am faced with something and I just can't seem to decide on what to do. It can be for something simple or something complex.......

Today I was faced with an extremely simple dilemma.

A few girlfriends of mine have decided to form a book club. I'm sooooo excited! I find nothing more comforting than relaxing with a good book in hand . The concept is pretty standard; we'll meet at least once a month to discuss a book (or books) that we've read collectively.

It took a while for us to arrange when our first meeting would be, (due to our busy schedules), but I think we've narrowed it down to sometime real soon....(I do have the date somewhere in an email, so I'll definitely be there - just didn't record it in my notebook yet, so the exact date is a blur right now)

Anyhoo, last friday (I think), I borrowed the book "The Birth House" to read from G. It's been highly recommended (and two of us in the book club have now already read it). I meant to start reading it over the week-end, but didn't:(

Today, G just finished reading "He's Not That Into You" and gave me that to read. So my dilemma guessed it, which one should I start reading......

It took me all day to decide. For crying out loud, something as simple as which one, took much contemplating.

But then it dawned on doubt, it's gotta be "He's Not That Into You"

I mean whatever I've been doing so far hasn't been workin for me lol........

So I started the book about an hour ago and guess what, I'm like half-way through. If I don't finish it tonight, then tommorrow I'm done.

Basically, this book is an eye opener for sure. And it just made me realize how silly the excuses that women make for the actions of men, when the reality is - if they're acting a certain way 9 times out of 10 it means that "he's just not that into you"

YEP, I said it....I know it sucks, but in all honesty it's true

So, to my single ladies out there, if you haven't read this book already? Then drive, run, walk up hill barefeet to the nearest bookstore/library to grab a copy!!!

So night y'all I've got to get back to reading....


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