Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If it wasn't for the slush, I would have thrown on a Spring dress or two over these past couple of days. Mother Nature is still giving us Calgarians a break with this warm front and I am loving it~
I don't know about you, but the sun definitely affects my mood - ever since it's been paying us a serious visit, I've had more energy. I just went through my closet, (you know to check out my current spring wardrobe situation) and I was shocked. I hardly have anything to wear for this upcoming spring!!!

Most importantly, I just realized that I hardly have any dresses, (I can't imagine how I coped last year!)

Anyhoo, I don't think that I listed this as one of my resolutions, but it's not too late, (I mean it's still January). - So, I'd like to add some vintage dresses to my wardrobe, both casual and dressy.

I came across these Vintage Etsy shops that have what I'm looking for and more.

Foo Foo Vintage

Pintuck Style Vintage Fashion

Hellcat Vintage


Now I know, all the excitement I've been having with the weather will end soon. I can't imagine it staying this warm for too long....

But the dresses that I've posted today got me motivated.

Have you started to think about Spring yet? Are there any "must-have's" for the season? Fill me in:)

1luv peeps

Oh and don't forget that there is a GIVEAWAY that's going on......

This is up for grabs:

Courtesy of SpringBlossomDesigns -

You get to choose one item from her store!!!

Courtesy of RainbowWrangler -

You get this fabulous Journal! (4.5x5 handbound coptic stitch blank journal
90# bond paper)


  1. Aw, I just love pretty vintage dresses. That chiffon number from Jonquil is stunning! Thank you so much for including my shop in such a lovely post. :)

  2. @Cindy...oh you are so welcome and thanks for following:)


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