Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Grief....

Yesterday I was in absolute bliss, (possibly because I had the day off), but today I'm a little frustrated and I'll tell y'all why.

It's not because I was back at work today. I happen to love the peeps that I work with, so it was nice to see everyone again. But, waking up this morning to heavy snowfall just wasn't cute......

Nonetheless, my drive into work wasn't horrific at all. My only complaint during the day was that I drank about 5 cups of coffee and had to have half of a sugary apple cinnamon muffin around 1pm (it was deli-sh by the way) just to get a sugar & caffeine rush to keep me awake lol.

My issue, was when I got home this evening. I did a post about some items that I wanted to purchase online from Forever21 (click here to get a recap). I happen to love Forever21's online site, because they change their items frequently. There's always something new on the site.

So over the holidays, I decided to place an order for some of the items that I listed in my previous post. Rather than use my credit card, I decided to use a Visa gift card that I got for Christmas. Well, when I attempted to place the order it was declined! I was uncertain why so I called the customer service line for the Visa gift card. In a nutshell, they stated that the reason the order was declined was due to the fact that I failed to register the card first. That made sense, so I purchased the items with my regular credit instead and registered the gift card.

It would take a few days before I could use the gift card again, so today I checked the balance and everything was good to go:)

So I placed the following items in my cart~

And I proceeded to check out! (I know that the card worked, cause I purchase something on Itunes a few days ago.)

Well, I was wrong cause the gift card didn't work - again:( I'm not sure what problem Forever21 has with Visa gift cards, but I'm not impressed....Blah! I've given up! I will take my Visa gift card elsewhere.....

Anyhoo, enough about that, cause I do have something to smile about.

#1. Wowsers!!!! I have officially reached 100 followers today:)
This news seriously has made me smile. I've thanked all my followers before
and I'll continue to do it again. Thank-you everyone for likin The Creative Mixx
enough to follow:) It means a lot to me~

#2. If I wasn't already in a good mood, I asked myself what could make me happier?
Well Vintage of course!!!

So ladies and gents, here's some lovely Vintage items that made me smile~

Daisy Toad's Vintage

Empress Jade Vintage

Hope this made you as happy as it did for me:)

1luv peeps

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