Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Words That Make A Statement!

Since I'm a blogger, you've gotta know that I adore the written word.....
I got my idea for today's post after seeing a necklace that took the written word to a whole other level. I decided to surf the net for more jewelery that had the same idea in mind - pieces that make a bold statement so you can stand out in a crowd. Check out these fab finds and let me know what you think!

The Word Collection by Victoria Contreras Flores

The source of my inspiration today - From 2 Bitchez Deep

And lastly from Supermarket ( a site that I just found and have fallen in love with – will have to post more finds from this site soon)

1luv peeps~

Oh by the way, I heard from Adri17 - she still remains the winner of the latest giveaway on The Creative Mixx. Stay tuned, folks as I hope to have another giveaway real soon!


  1. Wow, I am in loooove with the 1st two. How amazing would those look with a strapless dress?

  2. Awesome post :)
    thanks for the follow! xx

  3. oooo...those are pretty awesome! thanks for sharing!


  4. i loveeee supermarket. amazing amazing stuff. also, the first two are brilliant. totally checking out her stuff right now

  5. I'm so happy that y'all like this latest find:)

  6. haha thanks for the love, im glad i got to reach out to another kid cudi fan! Feel free to repost it!

  7. Nice finds! I love jewelry that says stuff on it. Though some of these might be just a tad too big for me. :) But I could totally go for the "insouciant" piece. Lovely!

  8. The rings and necklaces are very cool, but if you have anger management issues, you might want to take the rings off before getting into a fist fight. They look like you brand someone with them. Could you just imagine the person who ended up with fierce across their cheek?

    Along those same lines, wear lots of sunscreen if you wear the necklaces outside during the day.


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