Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stuck In The Laneway.....But I Had Hip-Hop On My Mind

Well I've already mentioned that there's a whole heap of slushy streets in my city already. So far, I've survived driving through it without getting stuck.....until this evening.

I was making my way through my lane way, just trying to park in my parking spot and as I was about to turn in - you guessed it, I got stuck. Thank goodness it wasn't for long. As I got out of my car, I was thinking that I should open that bag of kitty litter that I just bought to give me a bit of traction. But, all I did was remove some slush around my two front tires. A song popped in my head and voila! I was free!

So what was the song you ask? Well it was nothing other than my man (I mean he should be lol), Common's "The Light"

Yep I was singing "there are times when you need someone........"

I was stuck and I seriously needed someone lol........

Anyhoo, all is good - but I just had to post this video.

Yeah I could have posted the original but I had to post this version:)
(some of y'all may have seen this before - but I think this is wicked! And when a remake is as good as this - then I don't mind watching it again)

Taken from a Hip Hop Karaoke session in Toronto back in 2007 - Enjoy~

FYI peeps. If you live in the Toronto area then you've got to check out Hip-Hop Karaoke Session #36

Date - Friday January 15, 2010
Location - Revival
783 College Street
Time - 9:00pm to 3:00am
$5.00 before 11pm - $10.00 after

Click on the flyer and it'll take you directly to the Hip-Hop Karaoke website (Toronto edition)

Before I go, I just want remind you that the latest Blog Giveaway ends tomorrow!

I will reveal the winner tomorrow afternoon at 8:30pm EST!!!

I wish everyone the best of luck and thanks for all the entries!

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