Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Bits of Randomness.....

Well it's been another day of fine & fabulous weather! In fact it was a degree warmer today:) My only complaint is - with the sun melting all the snow away - my city is just a slushy mess. I almost got stuck for a minute today; I wasn't impressed, but I won't continue to complain, cause seeing and feeling the sunshine today was priceless.

I came randomly came across a video that I had to share.....

The first video is a young brothers rendition of Kings of Leon "Use Somebody"
I thought that the original had some soul...that's why I liked the song - but his version is off the hook!

Now I need some advice. It's the Blackberry verses Iphone debate.
I'm 2yrs into my cell phone contract and when spring comes along I'll have the ability to shop around for a smart phone.....

My cell phone service provider now offers the Iphone (they didn't before), so I've got time to make a decision to make.

Should I get this....

Or this.....

If y'all have either one, let me know what works for you and why~ I can be terrible with decisions and I'd love to get some help. I've got friends who swear that the Iphone's the only way to go and my Blackberry peeps would never even think of switching....

Would love to hear your thoughts....

Oh and I've gotta say that the response to this weeks giveaway on The Creative Mixx is phenomenal!!! The comments are rolling in like crazy and y'all are tweeting & facebooking! Wowsers! I'm so happy to see all the love and followers:)

If you haven't hear about the contest, then you've gotta CLICK HERE....

I've got two lovely prizes up for grabs. (and the contest ends Thursday January 14)

Courtesy of SpringBlossomDesigns -

You get to choose one item from her store!!!

Courtesy of RainbowWrangler -

You get this fabulous Journal! (4.5x5 handbound coptic stitch blank journal
90# bond paper)


  1. i have a ipod touch, and once I'm out of my contract, or apple decides to partner with verizon, i will def. be getting an iphone. It's so comfortable to use and super fun.

  2. @odetoawe....thanks for the the info! So far I've got a positive for the ipod~

  3. omg that video is awesome!!!!!!

    and i say get the bberry... ive been a crackberry addict for a long time now! LOL couldnt survive with out it!

  4. @Mich....glad you liked the video girl:) So you're saying go for the Blackberry....a lot of peeps that I know with a blackberry just love it.


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