Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where Do You Shop For Vintage?

Earlier this week, I told you that I am the Vintage Columnist for a new site called

The launch party happened in NYC on Tuesday night. Unfortunately I was unable to make it, but I'm sure that it was a huge success....can't wait to see the photos. If you've tried to go to the UrbanAces site to check it out, you probably got an error message:( It seems that the hosting site is having "technical issues". The problem was to have been resolved as of yesterday, but I've checked today and it's still out of commission. Due to this website issue, it's been decided that Tuesday's event was a Pre-Launch party and another party will take place in about two weeks. So, I'll let you know the minute the site becomes available again.

Since I've got Vintage on my mind, I decided to pose the question:

Where Do You Shop For Vintage?

I actually asked this question a few weeks ago on the Independent Fashion Bloggers Networking site. By creating a forum called "All Things Vintage", I've connected with some fellow bloggers to get some feedback as to where they do their Vintage shopping. Guess what? I've got some great sites for you.

Now of course, y'all know that one of my fave spots to find Vintage is Etsy.

For example check out these lovely Vintage Jewelry pieces.


Shabby Chic 72

Forever Classique

But there's so much more out there in the online world for Vintage shopping.

I hadn't heard about the Market Publique! This site is amazing!

Adore Vintage

Frock Me

This is just a peek into some places that you can check out for some fab shopping.

I could list a lot more, but I'm tired y'all so I'm out.

If you're into Vintage - let me know where your fave shopping "hot spots" are:)



  1. omg. i came out of lurking to say hello again.

    um, i am love with this post. thank you for now helping me to go broke! hahaha.


  2. oh my god, i love the first pendant. thanks! totally checking out the shop now


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